Notice to Developers



Documents listed below are Fouke WSC's Notice of Requirement to Comply With the Subdivision and Service Extension Policy and the Non-Standard Service Application

Developer - Any person, partnership, cooperative corporation, corporation, agency, public or private organization who subdivides land or requests more than two water connections on a single contiguous tract of land or who is developing a non-residential project that has a water demand that cannot be served through a standard 5/8 by 3/4 water meter [as defined in Section 13.2502 (e)(1) of the Texas Water Code.

Subdivide - To divide or alter the original tract(s) of land into lots or additional tracts for sale or to lease.

Subdivider or Person whom Subdivides Land - An individual, firm, corporation, or other legal entity that owns any interest in land and that directly or indirectly subdivides land into lots or tracts as a part of a common promotional plan in the ordinary course of business.

Subdivision - A area of land that has been subdivided into lots or tracts.



Please follow the link below to the Wood County Subdivision Regulations and Infrastructure Development Standards for Manufactured Home, Mobile Home, Tiny Home, and RV Rental Communities.

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